Saturday, 1 September 2012

Money money money

Living in this country brings new meaning to carrying around a fat wad.
There are no coins it is all paper.

I need a fatter wallet
About £10 in total



So all the above values are subject to the fact that there are far to many zeros for my little brain to comprehend. Suffice to say a tin of local beer costs around 1100 tugrug or about 55p, even import Stella Artois is 2700 or £1.35. Good locally roasted coffee is around £10 per 500g, a bus ride anywhere along the line is 400 tugrug or 20p, a medium take away pizza around 14000 tugrug about £7 and a half liter of beer in a bar is about £1.50.
Potentially any car on the road is a taxi, you just hold out your hand and wait for someone to stop and if they are going your way or they have the time they will take you. Locals get charged around 500 tugrug per km us foreigners get charged around 800 per km (40p/km) still makes for pretty cheap taxi rides once you have the basics of 'keep going' 'left' and 'right'. Still it pays to have a pocketful of 500 and 100 notes.
Rough mental conversion runs like this: take away 3 zeros (or the word thousands) and half what is left to get the value in pounds (or if you prefer to work in US dollar add back in half of your pound value) so that 8000 tugrug is 8000/2 which is £4 or $6

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