Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Honestly it's becoming an obsession!

The building that keeps us up at night with its gallopidaa gallopidaa machines, the banging, the shouts, and the straining of huge diesel engines as earth movements continue through the night in an effort, we think, to complete the concrete part of the construction before it gets too cold to do pour anything liquid.
It continues to grow and the more we watch the less plausible it all seems.

the ladies tie the rebar construction by hand

polystyrene insulation in place the concrete hose is brought into place 

while the final sections of rebar are hand knitted on top of the polystyrene
It's definitely labour intensive. If they are pouring concrete low down then it seems to be made on site but if it needs hoisting up to the upper levels then the concrete arrives by the truck load.

But it would seem the best pouring time is at night. 

don't stand still for too long dude or you'll be there for all time 
keep moving! 

and then in the cold light of day it all quietens down again.

...and spends the next 2 days under blankets which get watered if it gets too dry. Not a problem today as hail fell.
But then they mess with your head by drawing crop circles in the dirt. Or is it really the design for the next layer of low level construction, quite literally drawn in (or with the) the sand.

thank the lord for gift of ear plugs! Can't wait for the cold to shut them down, assuming of course that shipment ever gets here and we get some clothes to keep out the cold.

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