Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's here!

Oh happy days.

We got a message at school yesterday, the shipment was in UB, to which Sarah's reaction was tears, much to the dismay of the receptionist who broke the news to her. A woman from the Monex company turned up in school to get some papers signed and left saying they would deliver it to the apartment but not when they would deliver. Gerel, the receptionist, bless her, then phoned to see when it would arrive but at 4:00pm there was no news so we did what all good teachers do on a sunny Friday, we went to the nearest pub and sat in the sun drinking beer.
Until, at shortly before 5, we got a call from Monex saying they would be at the apartment around 6. Needless to say we finished our drinks and left.
True to their word at 6 they arrived.

apparently we sent rather more than we thought

That's my bike that is
first things first - locate the whisky
both intact - nice

guard those bottle with your life Barkley

So with all that stuff and no shelves I was once more forced to improvise - a sharp knife - some sticky tape and a hey presto cardboard shelves.

...and then on to the important jobs.

Always wanted to be able to keep my bikes in in the living room, no other option here.

Got a bit of rubbish to get rid of though.
That said before the boxes were even at my door two old mongolians were chirping away about something. We had to call one of the secretaries to translate and he was wanting 50,000 tugrik £25 to take the boxes away - apparently we cant leave good quality boxes  on the stair, Sheep's heads, cigarette butts, and the occasional drunk are all de rigeur but quality cardboard is strictly not allowed and requires payment to move.
Anyway in theory he settled for 1500 and will turn up in the next few minutes. I'll update you on that saga later. (update: he turned up an hour late but at the time he had originally said he would and took the boxes away - handed him a wad of bills and off he went. Kind of worked I guess).

In the meantime I'm as happy as happy can be - except Sarah has gone off shopping for furniture to put all this stuff in so no doubt there will be more difficulties ahead...she's just back and found a couple of shops selling IKEA stuff - god help me - more bloody flat pack IKEA.

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  1. I can understand the need to cry Sarah I would have too......I am so happy for you that you have all of your belongings now and you can actually prove to others that you do have more than 2 outfits> I am sure you are relieved to get your warm clothing. Simon you look way to happy...did you take those photos before the whiskey or after
    mmmm if only I could pay a Nihon jin to take my Gomie........
    Enjouy putting together the IKEA furniture!!!