Sunday, 26 August 2012

dust and a sharman

We spent some time last night talking to one of our colleagues who puts our running exploits to shame. She has completed the 'grand slam of ultra running', running 4, 100 mile races in one season. In doing so she became the 5th woman to complete the feat she did it in the company of her father- she has also run with the Tarahumara and was involved in some form or other with the race in the Copper Canyon that launched the Born to Run bandwagon. So having discussed the Sunrise to Sunset race next August with her Sarah and I decided we would go back out to the Tuul river for another jog. We really need to find a way into those hills, the road is very, very unpleasant with dust and cars and dirt. The wind was in our faces all the way back whipping up a dust storm and covering us with a fine layer of dirt. Thank god for good sunglasses and a rugged phone/camera.

Uneven road surface? No kidding!
 It was actually a blessed relief when we got back on the road heading into town.

On the way back just as we were passing the ovoo we heard drums so stopped and went to investigate. Sat on the floor in front of the ovoo and surrounded by a family was a sharman beating a drum up in front of his face while a lady tapped him on the back with some kind of stick and another lady flicked vodka into the air. It was fascinating but sadly the picture does not do it justice.

Sharmanistic ritual the Sharman is kneeling in front of the lady in jeans, he is facing the ovoo and is beating a drum.

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