Friday, 7 December 2012

ran home today

Winter is no longer coming - it is here!

I thought I'd list what I wore on my run back from work, and it was just about right for the 6km 40 minute jog home.

shoes - normal inov8 roclites, with debri gaitor to keep out the snow (but a size too big)

3 pairs of socks - normal school socks, insulated thermal Japanese technology socks, heavy duty smartwool winter socks.

4 pairs of trousers, compression/cycling shorts, thick winter cycling tights, lined shell/training pants, windproof over trousers.

4 shirts/jackets - long sleeved thermal base layer, thick long sleeved base layer, running soft shell fleece lined hoodie, patagonia wind shell.

2 buffs, one mainly for the neck, one to cover the face and ears

1 thick fleece hat (hoods as required)

3 pairs of gloves, liner gloves,  thin fleece gloves, big soft shell wind resistant fleece gloves.

I got home with my eye lashes white and icing, and the breathing increasingly difficult as the buff over my mouth and nose froze.

Now be careful out there!