Saturday, 22 September 2012

And as promised it's on...

...the heating that is.
Our stair door may not shut, but the radiators on the stairs themselves are warm to the touch, the hot water is still intermittent, however the heating is definitely on. I'm still trying to understand how that works, hot radiators but no hot water.
They tested the heat in the carpark a couple of weeks ago and opened the gates to the underground heated parking, though few have paid to use it yet.
It's not that cold - a little frost in the mornings, a nip in the air when the sun goes down, but still the heating is on. We did find the taps to turn the radiators off - no thermostat control here. On or off, those are the options. For the moment the radiators remain off, but still the apartment still has a warm glow to it - hot pipes travelling through the walls no doubt. It does make it a little uncomfortable with the windows closed.
It's an interesting proposition - sit around in a warm, slightly stuffy room, in shorts and t shirt with the windows closed, but have it relatively quiet or open the windows let in the 'fresh' air and put up with construction noise, dust and an ever increasing number of wasp like creatures.
We are working on finding a compromise - but that often depends on what is happening on the building site.

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  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you especially when it concerns 'wasp' like creatures!!!
    I recommend opening the windows ever so slightly but wearing a woolen vest that can also act as a 'wasp' proof vest- it will be thick enough. I know where you can get a good woolen vest from so let me know if you need me to send one up aahhh Sounds like there is no time for a dull moment .....