Sunday, 9 September 2012


I know we keep banging on about it but honestly it's astonishing. It's astonishing in the amount of construction, the scale of that construction and the methods of the construction.
view from the window last week with newly poured concrete on the left

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view from the window yesterday

The polystyrene is slipped between layers of concrete for insulation

A rebar frame is made, surrounded with coated ply wood and  concrete poured in

The rebar is cut and bent by hand

The yellow stack is coated ply waiting to be wedged in place or laid on top of newly poured concrete. These sheets are sitting where the wet concrete was last week.
It does make for a noisy and dusty existence but it is fascinating to watch the building grow.

Is it supposed to look like the end wall fell in?

Other buildings don't quite look 'right' and are somewhat out of place in their environment.

The workers often live on site in tents or in Gers while they build.
This one just fired up his stove as we walked past to go to work.

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