Friday, 23 November 2012

Weather bug

I know you are all fascinated by the weather here.

There is a weather station on the roof that provides some information to the Mongolian weather networks and it can be accessed through

ISU Weather station

It sounds ridiculous but it was -28 when we got to school this morning with a wind chill or feels like temperature of -38 but we walked in and it was fine, a little cool but not enough to put me off contemplating a run on Sunday, the temperature does not tell the whole story with regards to the weather in this country.

"it gets a bit uncomfortable below -25" I was told when I asked about running through the winter. I didn't believe him but he's right, anything above that is really very doable and with the right kit I'd go as far as to say down to -30 would not be 'unpleasant'.

The challenge is not the cold but the conditions underfoot, still should be running on the river soon.

Never thought I'd be saying that!

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