Wednesday, 7 November 2012

mine's bigger than yours

In a city where might is right, and your power and influence are judged by the size and shininess of your car. In a city where Range Rovers and Land Cruisers are the norm rather than the exception. In a city where the Hummer is becoming de rigeur we saw some thing surprising last week.

A stretch Hummer, no idea how you get that through these streets, the corners are too tight, the humps and holes likely to bottom it out even with its prodigious ground clearance.

Then believing we had just seen the biggest car in UB we turned a corner and...

Now that's what I'm talking about...a proper sized vehicle. What the picture doesn't show is the the four front wheels all of which turn and the huge dif. at the back suggesting it is somewhat more than 4 wheel drive.

I wonder how long before we see these on the school run.


  1. There's this place called "Texas" that I think the Mongolian guys might like.

    Simon, I fully expect you to pick me up at the airport in one of these! There is enough time between now and next summer for you to get one ;)

  2. the stretch hummer or the 'other thing'? It was quite a vehicle, 'if you come we will build it' or something like that ;-)