Saturday, 25 August 2012

road and construction again.

The road outside our apartment complex is a busy (if not very busy) main road. And yet it looks more like a farm track, that has seen better days.
The cars are obscuring the hole in the ground that is damn near 40cm deep and as wide as the right hand carriage way. We are told it is because of
a) the really wet summer
b) the large construction lorries splashing through the puddles

Can't wait to see what the winter's freezing does to it if it's in this state just now.

I am both irritated by and completely fascinated by the construction outside our window. The noise and dust are infuriating and yet the methods of construction are just fascinating. The re-bar reinforcement for the concrete is cut to length on site, by hand, it is then tied together by a small army of mostly ladies before being built into shape and the concrete poured over it is then held in position with plywood and posts until it sets. They poured concrete the other day on what I guess is the roof of the carpark and then were forced to cover the entire roof with big towels that they watered all day to stop it drying too fast in the sun. It's a short building season here, before long they won't be able to use concrete at all, it'll be too damn cold.
The dark grey is newly poured concrete soon to be covered with wet blankets

And then there is the lady in heels, just one, but she strides across the yard, clambering up the ladders and climbing the re-bar frames, all in high heels and with her handbag slung jauntily over her shoulder, before scrambling in to the building through one of the as yet unfinished windows. I've no idea what she does inside that shell of a building but we've seen her coming and going several times.

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