Sunday, 26 August 2012

Trail run (kind of)

Sarah and I set out from school on Friday to have what would be Sarah's first run in (or rather out of) UB. The jog up to the Tuul river was it's usual dusty dirty run in the gutter affair but thankfully it is only just over a km long before you get to the gates of the presidential palace. There was a large work party weeding and picking litter just outside the gates, as others erected marquees in the grounds behind the gate, clearly something big was going to be happening.
We turned left (east) and jogged down the road to the site of several ovoo at a site where there are also, apparently, some ancient petroglyphs, though we didn't go in search of them.

We then carried on for a little way before turning and hiking up onto a ridge, before turning round and running down and back to school via the river wall.

A very pleasant way to end a week.

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