Monday, 22 October 2012

Winter training

Now some of you know I do like a plan, a training plan that is, and a goal, generally something a little excessive, something that might just instill enough fear of failure in me to keep me motivated enough to go out and train rather than rely on my natural ability to 'just keep going'.

So here it is.

Mongolian Sunrise to Sunset

Only to stand any chance of completing a 100km run with 3365m of cumulative elevation gain I need to start running again now - winter base training.

I do love a bit of winter base training. Never planned one that lasted for 5 months before though, with some of the longer runs either serious hiking undertakings or on a treadmill in a gym.

Any road, it started today and we are testing equipment to let us run in this up coming winter.

Turns out it was a little excessive for the relatively mild temperatures we encountered, but we've found a good, largely traffic free route from the apartment that forms our 5km loop. It was nice to be running again. Now where's that gym?

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