Monday, 22 October 2012

and so it grows

The building that is!

A couple of weeks ago the dug the foundations, and filled it full of water to level it, then marked the level with string, drained it and poured the concrete. Simple but effective I guess.

Then they began the rebar and wooden frame building.

This last week I've been trapped in the flat with the nastiest case of sinusitis so had plenty of time to watch the developments.

First empty the ice out of the water tank (that's it on the ground on the right) then fill the tank.

Check all the rebar stitching and polystyrene is in place and build a pipe line from the cement pump to the pour area.

Take a lunch time nap on the polystyrene in the sun.

Cover the entire area with a tarp framework and move in the heaters.

Seal it all up, turn on the heaters and bring in the cement trucks, now why they don't mix this on site I don't know, they mix some of the cement here.

What a great job, watching cement pour.
Then walk away and leave it. 
They needed the covers and the heaters.
It snowed, the first snow that settled at our level.


And then pull off all the wooden holding plates to reveal a solid concrete structure poured in one go!

That's got to meet UK building regs right?

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