Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ultra Trail Mount Rokko

So I'm venturing out into the murky world of organising and unofficial 'flash' Fat Ass Ultra.

Ultra Trail Mount Rokko 50km (but it could be closer to 60km)
Strict Fat Ass rules

No entry fee
No aid
No swag
No course markings
No Whinging

The event will, in theory, take place Saturday 14th May. We will start at Suma (west of Kobe) at around 6:30 am and follow the Mount Rokko Longitudinal Route to just passed the Rokko Garden Terrace (just west of Mt Rokko itself), we will then follow one of the trails down the mountain until we meet up with the Sumiyoshi river which we'll follow to the sea and back onto Rokko Island for a BBQ and a bit of a sit down somewhere on the green belt.

So far there are 2 people signed up, another 2 interested, and a few others who will do something somewhere on the Saturday and join us for a drink or two in the evening.


  1. Just read this now. Sounds like a great course. Do you know the distance from Suma to Takarazuka? I've been trying to find information on the All-Rokko Mountain trail, but I can't. I'll do it this Friday.
    Happy trails,

  2. Terophoto,
    maps are available at the information office in Sannomiya fro about 450 yen and the official distance Suma to Takarazuka is 56km.

    There is a point after Mt Maya where the course goes either across the main road and up some steps or turns right alongside the main road. The course alongside the main road is dirt for longer and a little shorter overall. Once over the road you are on roads for a while.


    Keep your eye on the blog for other 'events' planned in the new year