Sunday, 20 March 2011

big moon jog

Bad Moon Rising
So needing to test both my lighting system and my new running pack I headed into the hills at about a quarter to nine. I rode up on the bicycle locked it up and spent the next 10 minutes faffing around trying to get everything on, working, and taking some pictures. (it might have been wise to work out how to take pictures in the dark with that camera before I set off)

I had carefully prepared a playlist full of moon and night songs, which of course I promptly left on the bike.
It was just possible to run by the light of the moon, when on the relatively open access lane but it was not possible when in the trees. The lighting system worked ok but I will try swapping the lights around to see what it looks like with the stronger light on my head. I may end up buying another version of the XP2 despite the relative lumens it does seem much stronger on the trail.

 The run itself was good, it seems running up hill in the dark is a little easier than in daylight, maybe because you can't see the top of the hill and all your concentration in on the few feet in front of you. It was a little eerie at times when things scurried off through the undergrowth but the only wild boar I saw were in the housing estate well below the trail head while I was riding up. It was only a 5 mile loop but I felt strong, it felt easy and I only fell over once.
The Nathan pack worked well and was very comfortable and the bottle in the front pocket wasn't a big problem. Not sure it is the answer though.
All in all a great evening out, I got home about 11:30pm just in time to turn on the tv and watch some football.

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