Friday, 4 March 2011

Been away a while

I've been busy running and visiting conferences and generally getting my head down to do the job I'm paid to do rather than writing this.
The weather since the snowy trip has been interesting - the following week there was absolutely no snow on the lower slopes of Rokko but a little left at the top. I met up with a nice young couple on the trail, they were a little disoriented and had been advised to turn round and head back to Arima by a group of hikers who had told them that there was too much snow and they weren't properly prepared. They didn't have crampons and ice axes but they were ok for the amount of snow and the general proximity to civilisation. Anyway they hiked with me to the top and then went on their own way. The snow is now all gone and the weather alternates between great and just nasty.

Last weekend the weather was warm and I ran from the apartment into the hills for the first time - all that concrete and tarmac though had my foot hurting for a day or two afterwards.

B&B was fun last night - met up with a bunch of Trek Asia folks, shared some stories, exchanged a few email addresses barracked them about Suzy's bike taking 3 months to get here, and then raced the train home. We were back a full 15 minutes before they rolled in. Good to know we can bike faster than the train (if we have to).

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