Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ultra Trail Mount Fuji

Or in fact the STY (Shizuoka to Yamanashi) version. Entry for both races opened today at 10:00 am Japan time and the UTMF was full inside an hour.  Kaho, who has helped navigate many Japanese websites and gained me entry to several races, spent quite a while hanging on line as the entry server struggled with the traffic but, in the end she managed to get both Linda and I entered into the 90km STY.

UTMF movie

It does take a long time to load but it is worth it.

Safe to say I am now very scared...the solo 24hr mountain bike race in the Enchanted Forest gives me lots of opt outs to sleep, drink beer, and just hang out...the Silver King Races have tight cut offs, and a built in altitude excuse for failure, but STY has neither altitude, nor tight cut offs - now I'm in, there are no excuses.

I am 7.5 kg lighter than I was this time last year, which is good, but realistically I need to shed another 7.5kg if I am going to be in any fit shape to complete these things. Oh well I feel a strict beer ration coming on.

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