Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sumiyoshi do

My first trail run since the Kumano Kodo race and my injured foot. The injury I now believe to be a partial dislocation of the cuboid. There have been a couple of pops from the foot followed by the pain lessening, still it is generally ok if  I keep it strapped and I'm a little careful with it. It did not particularly like the uneven surface and gave me moments of pain, but for the most part it was ok and it was just brilliant to be up in the hills with Sarah again. It was a bit cold getting up there on the bike though.

Running up from the pond was a bit of a challenge particularly with   my foot so heavily strapped and we both quickly reverted to walking. Which is no bad thing.  It may have been the temperature or maybe something else but while the large fish were still in the pond all the small fish had disappeared as had the  terrapin that is so frequently seen. The water was as clear as I've ever known  it. 

Sumiyoshi -do looked completely different with the trees so leafless and the trail so clear of debris. 

And what goes up must eventually come down.

It's a much nicer jog down to the pond and the dirt road back to the bike. It meant a little bit of a dance for me to avoid the jarring to my foot.

One of very few pictures anyone will ever see of me dancing.

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