Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Christmas in Niseko

We headed off for some snow boarding and snow shoeing in Niseko at Christmas, this time staying in the Hilton in Niseko Village. It was OK but I wouldn't do it again, the runs were a little limiting unless you crossed over to Hirafu and the evenings are pretty much spent in the Hilton itself, again nice but limiting. There was some good snow shoeing though and we went for our usual Christmas day walk with big paddles attached to our feet.
The snow boarding was good but there wasn't really enough snow to make the off piste stuff about the trees fun, at least not for me, there were far too many small trees still showing.
We went for a night walk to Half Moon lake though which was fun and despite the lake not quite being frozen enough to walk on safely we stopped at the side of the lake for a cup of tea before returning to Hirafu.

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