Friday, 6 December 2013

clean air

For the first time in 3 weeks I looked out of the school windows at leaving time and could see the hills. Not only could I see the hills but I could also see the nearest of the offending chimneys. All of these have been hidden under a thick gloop of grey smog by 3:30 everyday in recent weeks.

So seizing the opportunity I donned some extra clothes and set out to jog home via the park. It was a relatively mild -15C with little in the way of wind chill and with clear blue skies. It was the weather I remember and rather missed. I know how can you miss -15c? But take my word for it cold and clear (no matter how cold) is better than the acrid air of recent weeks.

The park is ever changing. The young and fragile trees have now been wrapped for the winter, the bike hire place moth balled and the road building halted, though there may still be some ongoing work to the lights that ring the inner pathway. Work on what is to be the football pitch and the basketball courts had halted a little while ago so I was a little surprised to see workmen.

They were making what will become a couple of basketball courts in the summer into ice rinks for the winter. Its a hi-tech operation as you can see.

Still good to get out and run a bit.

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