Wednesday, 24 April 2013

So they defrosted the building site about a month ago...

It was slow going at first, a few men a couple of diggers...then they demolished the shed and built it again somewhere else on the site. We couldn't quite work out why but as the site came slowly back to life it became very obvious.

We move out in about 3 weeks, they are likely to have the first couple of floors poured by then at this rate.
Shed visible in the fading daylight to the right just before construction stopped

...and it's gone...the site wakes...

there it is rebuilt...

looks like more underground carparking

keep making that rebar construction girls

we are going to need it

foundations of the next block being laid

and for the carpark

rebar in place wooden frame fixed time for the concrete

and here it comes

from there

to there

Add caption

and start the rebar knitting for the next level

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