Sunday, 10 February 2013

ok so a bit more dog sledding

The day started at 8:00am with a trip out to Terelj via a place to collect the food for the dogs. Large chunks of  meat were simply stacked outside and several sacks of solid meat were loaded into the van.

Then with our precious cargo intact we headed off to the National Park. The snow was drifting off the fields and across the road in places and with the snow so fine it looked like smoke wafting across the tarmac.

We arrived at the camp about 10:30 and were shown to a ger for tea and a gear check, as well as some instructions about what to do if there was water, and what to do if the sled tipped. They were also short of a couple of dogs so there were only 2 sleds. Sarah opted to ride in the sled of the French guide while I was given 4 dogs and my own sled.

We headed down the Terelj river, it was beautiful, so nice to be out of the city and great to be in and around dogs again. 

Roxanne was funny she was interested in everything and most unhappy when we stopped. There were moments when we came along side ger dogs, herders on horseback, camels, young cows and followed the footprints of either a very big lone dog or a lone wolf. Roxanne was interested in all of it but kept pulling and yelping whenever we stopped. The lead dog on the team pulling Sarah was new and had not quite got her left and right sorted (or her gauche and droit) so there were regular stops as the sled had to pointed in the right direction.

After about an hour and half we stopped the guide built a fire and produced some hot buuz from his bag and made some tea.

buuz and sauce

about the only time Roxanne was quiet and stationary 
After lunch it was time to head back down the river and the rather unnerving experience of being out at around -20C stood on the back of a sled being pulled by dogs along a frozen river with a significant amount of water on the surface. I still don't know how that works but 

great day out, great dogs, great fun. 

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