Sunday, 20 January 2013

A birthday or three

Sarah's birthday started early as it should...

Thursday 17th the French restaurant.

Thursday we went to the French restaurant in town for great salad, ok steak, wonderful chocolate desert and a good bottle of red wine.

Friday 18th...

Friday we went to the Japanese restaurant,  for great sushi, wonderful sushimi, brilliant company, and a bit too much sake, Sarah also got given a complete set of Mongolian vodka miniatures.

Saturday 19th...

Then on her actual birthday the real festivities happened in a ger camp out of town.

sadly a lot of snow leopards died to decorate the walls, though these were all confiscated by customs

It all starts with milk

and gifts

and songs

Click HERE for some Horse Head Fiddling


dairy products foreground - Khuushur and Buuz backgound

and then out came the goat

gutted, filled with hot rocks and anything edible and then cooked on an open fire, or with a blow torch


Mae and G.B. announced their engagement in matching sweatshirts

and then on to another ger with more animals on the walls

...and another birthday toast - it was Geoff's birthday the day before

on to what is reputedly the biggest ger in the world

And then continue the party outside
with a bit of Gangham style which is apparently a traditional Mongolian dance as Koreans do not  ride with  two reigns

there were lots of furry hats on show

which Sarah joined 

the drinks table was brought out with a seemingly endless supply of spirit

There was of course singing.

and a bit of wrestling 

while birthday cake was provided inside
 What a spectacularly good day out.

And then on Sunday we went to a very personal and very special 'hair cutting ceremony' but that story is for the next entry - for now just be assured it involved a lot of food, a lot of vodka, some singing, and toys for the wee one. Special very special.

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