Monday, 2 April 2012

Running out of time

So just 2 weeks to Hirodai and 6 weeks to Fuji STY and I've only just put in my first 40+ mile week. I've yet to run more than 16 miles and the biggest day I've had is just over 1500m ascent. That's a bit light when STY is 82km and 4200m ascent.

I think this is going to get just a little tough.

Not least because they've changed the STY rules. As well as having to carry a portable toilet there is now no drop bag and a 27km gap between the aid stations in the middle of the race.

It's going to be tough. I reckon that I might be coming down the other side of the major climb as the light starts to go - not ideal after 45km

Time to start upping the mileage and running in the hills at night.

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