Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Gunnison and Crested Butte

Both these places were brilliant very close together (about 30 miles) but as different as different could be.

We camped at the Tall Texan on the edge of Gunnison and immediately headed up the road to Crested Butte to get something to eat and to see what was happening during the bike festival weekend.

The place was buzzing with bikes of every shape and size and a whole load of people in fancy dress having just completed a 'chainless' race.
The next couple of day were spent exploring the Black Canyon of Gunnison and running and riding around Hartman Rocks just outside of Gunnison. The Black Canyon was stunning, Hartman Rocks more high desert and more hot wind and dust, but good fun. I liked Gunnison it was a small ranching town with a university and a growing outdoor culture. It just felt very 'right' if a little empty - maybe the college being out gave it that feel.
Garmin on the run ride Bike here  Run Here

Then we moved up to Crested Butte for a few days, it was a wonderful place mixing hippy culture with mountain life. The ranchers, the ski bums that never left, the bike bums that have just arrived, the rafters, kayakers,  everyone, just got on and had a fine old time in a beautiful place.

The riding and running weren't bad either. MTB Run

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