Monday, 6 December 2010

Tioga Mountain bike Enduro

So Sunday 28th November I once again joined the Galleria2001 boys and girls to go and ride around a course in Greenpia Miki for 4 hours. Despite a very hard but very short down pour that sent me back to the apartment for more clothes it was an ideal day. The course, much the same as last year, was a little drier in the bottom but still contained what I estimated to be at least half a mile of hike a bike for me in every 2.5 mile lap. Everything went according to plan for the first few laps as I lapped slightly faster than last year with a completely different mental attitude to the hiking and quite possibly due to my improved fitness, much easier climbs. Then I got a puncture, not just one snake bite pinch puncture, but two, so 4 holes in the tube. I made no attempt at the repair, fitted a new tube and carried on.
The support through the 'pit area' was great with both the Filipino families from school and the Galleria group cheering me on. A small crash on lap 8 cost me a little time and shook me up some but again I recovered and despite feeling a little hollow, don't think I got the fueling quite right, I just missed out on setting out for lap 11 finishing 10 laps in 4:03, 2 laps and 5 miles further than last year.

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